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Nepai @ElswordOnlineNA

say hello to my babies. (Mianre and Hayn excluded since 10image cap)


Neppy here, as a Chung-main.

I’m starting to like my female characters alot…except Ara. I need to learn to love my Aras more. seriouslylikeifindhersuperterribleidkwhy???

Health help?

♣ im suddenly lactose intolerant; to the point that i throw it up
♣ anything i eat, more often than not, ill throw up late at night
♣ i suffer from vertigo/dizzy spells frequently
♣ i get incredibly cold, for no reason; my body will shut down and i cant move much
♣ my skin has been breaking open and bleeding; im scarred all over
♣ my scalp had started bleeding(yes, just bleeding) in small patches; its still not completely healed
♣ im bruising in random places; i cant explain how its happening
♣ migraines are causing momentary blindness now
♣ my back is locking up, causing me temporary lapses of paralysis; sometimes it just goes completely numb
♣ my left arm goes completely numb and i cant move it
♣ i feel a tightness on my right side of my chest; it feels like my ribs are jabbing into my lung (cant breathe well)

anyone know what might be going on with me? qq


so i decided to play thru my xenosaga games, knowing its unfinished (2 spoiler)…

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i finally did it. my babies match.



"being different has always been both my strength and weakness. ive never once been a follower in all the twenty-some years of my life. instead, ive been copied for whatever small details that were found to be special or unique. so in a way, i created a vicious cycle for myself—constant change. its a challenge, but ive never really been one to cave under pressure.

its ironic, in a way—cruel too—to think ive always been this strong. i never believed it, and even now i find that stating this is a lie in itself. perhaps its modesty or maybe even self denial. whatever the reason is, its been the cause of my misfortunes, because im too proud to admit that ive failed and too weak to consistently hold myself up.

with loneliness always being my biggest fear, ive refrained from branching out too far and becoming too emotional during certain key moments in my lifetime. regardless of my involuntary precautions, i find myself alone frequently. for what reasons, im unsure.

and ive come to terms with this.

as a child, it was easy. i had one honest friend, and that was all i needed. of course, he wasn’t even real to the naked eye, though still a gem regardless. he spoke. he smiled. he held my hand through emotionally gripping situations. and although he never existed to anyone around me, he was very much so real to me.

sadly, i grew too old for him and now ive become blind to him like the rest of the world. i genuinely miss him, and now i can’t help but to remember him fondly for the company he gave. he was my only friend. now he’s gone.”

excerpt from The Skeleton In The Closet Is Me


Sha la la la la la
My oh my
Look like da boi too shy
He ain’t gonna KISS DE GURL


i love how i remember that you can reply privately only aaaafter ive replied to everything. hi5me

kagemushakosuke wondered—

Neppy! Omg it's me, the Derpchu from way back. I... well I left the States to go back home to Switzerland soooo @_@ I can't Elsword-NA anymore. i miss you guys OTL (PikaCthulhu, forever dat Shelling Guardian stuck at level 55) I just wanna say I miss you guys so bad. I can't even Elsword-EU here, I don't know anyone. T^T *hugs*

omg!! HIIII Q~Q so glad youre doing well! wemissyoutoo ♥ im not online all that often so ive missed alot of people moving away and so forth qq sorry i havent been around OTL.. BUT ITS OK ♥ wecanalwaystalkifyouwantto

crimosito wondered—

Nepai cutie pie. I think someone stole your design and uploaded it to the contest. Any of your characters named Thaelus? Someone by that name submited the bunny chung one. Just giving you a heads up, if its you im sorry for bothering x3

no worries~! Thaelus is my main ♥ thanks for looking out for me though!