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Here’s to New Beginnings..

Darlings, its been such a wonderful year and I’ve grown so much and learned so much more. I’ve gained friends and lost old ones.. but through everything, I’ve kept my head up. I promised I’d be strong, so here I am. I’m standing. I promised I’d do what I felt was best for me. I promised I’d stop letting people hurt me. I promised I’d start living again. So again. Here I am.

I’ll try not to cry.

I’ll do my best. I’ll try not to look back, and only forward instead. I’ll work for what I want. I’ll earn the future I’ve yearned for so many years. I’ll get my life back. I promised you, didn’t I?

Here I am.

Do you see me now?

Do you see who I am—who I’ve always been?

I haven’t changed. I haven’t, I promise.

The girl you knew before was dead inside..

And now she’s living.

I’m doing this for you and me. Please don’t be angry—don’t be sad. I’ll cherish you for every memory I posses; every laugh we shared; every tear we cried. Everything. I’ll never forget you. None of you.

But I have to go.

Please promise you’ll never forget me.

So to everyone:

To the broken & mended; the alone & defended.

Carry on. Smile. Laugh. Live. I’m cheering for you.

This is goodbye for now.. I’ll miss you.
But I’ll come home again soon.

With love,

♥ Nepai


Mianre ♥





doodles to pass time.


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makin my way downtown 

walkin fast

faces pass 

and im home bound